Friday, 14 July 2017

Peg Puzzle

Finally he has a slight interest in solving the puzzle.
We start with peg puzzle, the easiest puzzle games and eventhough he has short attention span, he could manage to match some shapes accordingly.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

1 Recycle toys, Many benefits

As mommy does regular spring cleaning especially kids toys, mommy thought that toys from recycled materials will be great idea.
So mommy collected all the plastic bottle caps from milk bottle and made open play activity with that.

1. Sorting color ( brown and blue )

2. Make funny face using bottle cap

3. Inserting bottle caps to recycled box

Mommy let him play these during meal times, because it's better he creates something using this than watching youtube during meal times.

Happy 21st Month

Weight  : 10.6kg

Milestone :
- love to climb up and down
- love to make funny expressions when we tell him off
- want to do his own things independently like brushing teeth, wearing his pants, putting on his shoes

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Happy 9th Year Anniversary Mom and Dad (5 July 2017)

We celebrated 9th year wedding anniversary one day earlier since koko Tromson will have chinese tuition on the day itself.
We had a family dinner at Aston Restaurant.

Climb up and Slide Down

He's now having confidence to play at the big playset.
He climbs up and slide down all by himself, but still I ask koko Richie to look out for him.

Wearing his own shoes

He's very cute and loves to go out.
One fine day when we wanted to go out for lunch, I asked him to wear his shoes.
Usually he would take off the shoes from the shoes rack and waited for me to put it on him.
But since I was busy preparing the bag, I ignored him.
Suddenly he got up and tried wearing the shoes by himself and tada...he did it !

Role Play with Dummy Cake

This is another fine motoric skill activity and role play with dummy birthday cake.
At first, he needs to decorate the birthday cake with small toys, then we sing happy birthday and he blows the candle.
After that he cuts the cake into slices.
The hardest part for him is cutting the cake, with his perserverance finally he did it !