Monday, 16 April 2018

Daily Family Prayer

Every night we have this daily Family Prayer led by daddy.
First, daddy will have a praise and worship song then follow with bible reading and explanation.
After that we had thanksgiving prayer and prayer intercession.

Eventhough Ted is not able to sit still and pray but he listens and sometimes he sings.
This is a good start for him so he can have this legacy when he has his own family in the future

Adult Songs

Instead of singing nursery songs, Ted loves to sing adult songs. These are his favourite songs :

1. Shape of You
2. One Call Away
3. There's nothing holding me back
4. Shake it off
5. Rewrite the starts

He can humming and sometimes singing when we played the radio / music in the car

Yess, the appetite is back

After a week of junk food, finally Ted's appetite was back to normal again.
His portion was back as usual. He loved strawberry so much that he could finish the box of strawberry by himself

Yippee ! Thanks be to God !

Mom's birthday celebration (14 April 2018)

The celebration continue for mama's birthday.
We had another dinner celebration with iik Audi and iik Intan at Swensens
We had free ice cream treats, one was fire house and another one was banana split.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Happy 36th Birthday mama ( 9 April 2018)

We celebrated mama's birthday on Monday evening at Ichiban Boshi.
We bought mango jelly cake for mama.

Ted and koko Tromson ordered salmon teriyaki and praise God, he loved it and ate a lot.
We sang Happy Birthday song, blow the candle and cut the cake.

Happy Birthday Mama !
May God bless you abundantly with love, joy, hope, faith, patience and good health

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Feeding pet animals at Botanic Garden ( March School Holiday 2018)

This was the last activity during March School Holiday.
We went to Botanical Garden and feed pet animals like swans, pigeons, chickens, fishes and turtles.
Ted was enjoying very much

Starting Toilet Training ( 2 years 4 months)

As mommy observed that Ted was able to hold the bladder overnight, mommy decided to start toilet training using diapers.
Eventhough he's not aware that he needs to say pee when he wants to pee, mommy makes a habit to go to toilet every 1 - 1.5 hour and he wants to pee in the toilet.

Before and after napping time, mommy will ask him to go to toilet and he's willing to pee in the toilet.
Hopefully he can independently pee in the toilet and off diapers soon.

All the best and keep it up !