Friday, 22 September 2017

Matching shapes

This is the last homeschooling activity for this week, Matching shapes.
He needs to match different shapes accordingly, it's still basic shapes, square, triangle, circle and rectangle
Surprisingly he recognises the basic shapes
Good job Ted !

Puzzle 2 - 7pcs

Ted has mastered the puzzle from 2 - 6 pcs, now he advanced himself for puzzle 6 - 9 pcs

Fruit matching games

This is another fun activity which is fruit matching games, it looks easy when the kid is ready

Alphabet threading

This is another fun activity that stimulates fine motoric skills. The toys itself was a birthday goodie bag and I found it very useful.
The benefits for this activity :
- alphabet introduction
- color recognition
- fine motoric skills stimulation
- patience and concentration
- perseverance
- rewards => necklace

Matching color and shape games

It's been awhile our homeschooling program has been postponed because mommy was very busy with works.
This week has been a good week to start again.
We did Matching color and shape games.
The wooden toys has been passed from koko Richie, koko Tromson and now Ted.

He enjoyed the games and able to recognize different shapes and colors
Well done boy and keep it up !

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Weekend Getaway to Legoland (16 - 17 Sep 2017)

It was our second visit to Legoland and it has been 4 years from our first visit.
This time we went there with our friends especially our dear friend from Sydney, Thomas and Yulia.
We departed from our house around 9am and it was drizzling but thanks God the immigration check point was smooth sailing.
We arrived there around 10.30 am and the weather was nice and cooling, the rain has stopped and it's still cloudy.

We visited Lego city and let the kids explore different transportation there.
They tried car racing games, firefighters, airplane, boat, and train.
After that we had late lunch nearby.

After lunch, we moved to Imagination section where there was duplo city for toddlers and build and test kit for older kids.
We took duplo express train and play at toddler zone playtown.

Then before we were leaving, we took photo with mini cities.

We had dinner at nearby restaurant before heading back to our serviced apartment.
We stayed at Somerset Medini which was only stone away. It was a nice and cosy apartment.
It's really recommended for family.

The next day, our friends children were swimming but we went back to Legoland area and Tromson played car ride for 30 minutes.
Then we had lunch at dimsum restaurant before heading back to Singapore.
We left Johor Bahru around 2pm and reached home around 3pm, it was smooth sailing journey.

Thanks God for good weather, good health and fun together

Happy 23 months Old

Weight : 10.8kg

Development milestone :
- Recognize different colors and shapes
- Able to put 7 pcs puzzle together
- Love matching games
- Able to speak mamama -> mau and kakaka -> koko
- Very curious especially in the kitchen